My kid’s coach would make a better Superintendent of Public Instruction than Michelle Morrow.

Then again, almost anyone would.

Gwen Frisbie-Fulton
4 min readMar 26, 2024
Screen grab from Michelle Morrow/Facebook. Video posted March 3, 2024.

After years of being a science nerd, devouring books about space and astrophysics, my son recently became very athletic. This came as a surprise — he comes from a long line of artists and wanderers.

I embraced this new development wholeheartedly and cheered enthusiastically for his team from the sidelines. Next to me, always, was his coach, yelling support until his throat was raw.

A book-smart high school logic teacher, his coach was also learning the sport. He threw himself all in, researching and bringing different hill sprints and threshold runs into their practices. He read, researched, and frequently solicited advice from others. The team never became top tier, but every single runner improved their times and they made it to the regionals. Measured by wins, he might not have been the greatest coach — but he was a very solid leader.

This year, North Carolinians will head to the polls. While elections are inherently about politics, we will also be tasked to determine which candidates are equipped to lead.

To lead, someone must be experienced, but they also must be curious and open to the world around them. And that is why I think…



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