The Things You Are Getting Wrong About White Supremacists Is What Allows Them To Grow

White mob before breaking into the US Capitol on January 6th, 2020.
Twitter users helped crowdsource information to figure out who the man carrying zip ties into the Senate chambers to, presumably, take hostages.
White supremacists pose in front of the Vinlander’s house. Photo from South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action.
Brien James (left in center photo) poses with another Vinlander. Source: ADL
The two crossed meat-cleavers of the American Guard logo references “Bill the Butcher,” a fictionalized version of William Pool, the leader of the Bowery Boys, a New York City street gang infamous for its violent attacks on immigrants. Source: ADL
Brien James in Proud Boy gear in DC for the Million Maga March
Brien James seemed more inspired on January 6th than he came across in his interview with the Indianapolis Star.

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