There is Hope For Hiatt Mobile Home Park

Community members and neighborhood residents are organizing to protect Hiatt Street Mobile Home Park in Greensboro, NC. Photo from Siembra NC.

It has finally turned cold in Greensboro. A mother is walking her children bundled up in sweatshirts and hats down the broken sidewalk toward the school bus. The neighborhood’s work trucks left hours ago, before the sun came up, as adults left for their jobs.

It feels like any day, but the days here recently have been marked by a deadline…




Mother. Southerner. Storyteller. Bread and Roses. #race #class #poverty #gender #equity #children #egalitarianorganizing #bottomupstorytelling *views my own*

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Gwen Frisbie-Fulton

Gwen Frisbie-Fulton

Mother. Southerner. Storyteller. Bread and Roses. #race #class #poverty #gender #equity #children #egalitarianorganizing #bottomupstorytelling *views my own*

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